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Foreword to Liber Legis

The Book of the Law: I am the Parable of the truth and of the false! Every word said by me can be falsity.

If you believe in it, calculate: a Plain equal to the First, with the second, you will find the Law of Three; and you will understand what the First wants to tell you.

Beyond any presuppositions, mine is a key, that key is not; the door is always open, the key is no use, you need the number.

Calculate: stars! planets! angels! archangels! demons and princes, servants of kings. One thing unites them, divide it into three and the rest is the result of what you will study in your mind.

It will be complicated to understand how the elements of the World divide, to find their sum and divide it into three; moreover to understand, what is the result to study, will be impossible.

Learn, that what I am telling you has been referred to me by very high sources. I was taught that, too much trust which enthusiasm gives, often leads to a way without reason, motive and exit.

The first part has been told to you! Now reason. The second part has been hidden to you! Now study the third part.

Join my truth with your truth, doors will open up, vessels will smash, a mountain will rise, a thunder will be heard. An angel will fall down, to tell you what it told.

An angel joins the matter, the good and the evil, for this I repeat: to believe in the truth, discovering falsity at the same time.

It will tell you of the First God, of your God! People of bygones Ages you will see in front of you. A chorus will tell you the truth! And on the other side, somebody will count to one! ten! hundred! thousand! million! billion! Divide, divide, divide, add up and add up again, until the rest will not be equal to the given.

A Table of wood or marble, of stone or rock, roman numerals you will not understand: the truth does not even lie in the numbers! The truth is inside the Table, and then smash it! With rites and fire, read what you don't see, that is the truth.

In the meantime, a new Dynasty rises and, before it is able to understand the truth, rivers of blood and of suffering will flow, wars and distructions, envy and social climbing; until a new weapon will rise, and then the man will feel blocked, and two Pores will dilate in him: a new Vein that must be understood.

A series of uncomprehended numbers, this is the Law! Who knows the true numbers, their meaning, will ascend the throne with me! That among people, this is my Parable of Law.

I, proclaim it just and unjust, those who feel ready ascend the throne, but if he is out of a step, he will fall in the ruin.