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by Juan Francisco Delgado

I am an investigative journalist and primary matter is based on esoterical science. During 1989, I was inquiring about the romance Il pendolo di Foucault by Umberto Eco, during my investigation I discovered the Greatest Wizard alive, Frank G. Ripel. Even Pier Carpi himself - writer and movie director of international fame - wrote about the Mr. Ripel, putting him among the twenty-four most important Characters of Mystery for the last two thousand years.

During the spring 1998, I met Frank Ripel for the first time (about that encounter, I wrote the article - Interview with the Antichrist - it is added in the website of Antichrist: and during the autumn 2002, I met him for the second time (about that encounter I wrote the article - Nigeria Dossier - it is added in the website Iutmah: During this last encounter, without any authorization by the Ripel, I had the opportunity to stolen some details and data from a secret folder, the Nigeria Dossier.

During the following days I felt guilty, for my robber action, so I had to phone the Wizard and told him the truth about my behavior. I was very surprised when he revealed me that everything was programmed: he created a situation in which he was absent for twenty minutes for a phone call to give me the possibility to take the data from the secret folder. I felt manipulated, but more relaxed, so I asked the permission to publish the notes I took from the Nigeria Dossier. He gave me authorization because that was the way.

During summer 2003, I contacted back Frank Ripel and I revealed him the desire to meet him again in Trieste. So, we met each other in the most prestigious hotel of the city. We started to talk and referring to the Nigeria Dossier, I asked him if the Thirty-six Elders of Sion knew, in the 1917, that the Protocols of the Elders of Sion (the program of capitalistic-jewishes for the conquest of the whole world) were ascribed to the Jewish and were false as it had been discovered, in 1921, by two journalist of the Times. Frank answered me that the Thirty-six Elders of Sion knew it, in fact, they manipulated the investigations. In this way they could operate with maximum under cover position, because what is proved to be false could not be true.

Therefore, I did my declaration, saying that the publication of the notes from the Nigeria Dossier did not stopped everything, for example the war against Saddam Hussein, and the project of Thirty-six Elders of Sion look keep going. He answered me that the published of the notes stopped Thirty-six Elders of Sion to make him fall in a double trap (Plan A and Plan B). So, I pushed saying that from the Dossier only one trap came to the light, the answer was: "I inserted in the Nigeria Dossier a codified and a ciphered to escape the Plan B". I stopped myself in total silence because I did not know the meaning of the codified and of the ciphered. vThen as a vision, a mysterious woman appeared and when she was close enough Ripel introduced her to me as the Incarnation of antichristian Power. The woman, saluting me said her code name: "Pandora". It was a spontaneous from me asking her what she thought about the war started by George W. Bush against Saddam Hussein. She explained that the war was inevitable, in spite of the Divine Signal sent by the Celestial Alliance Arc. In a correct manner I asked her, if she could explain herself a little bit better and she said that in the sky of Turkey, the night of the 1st November 2002, a comet had been disintegrated by a Field of Force (Sphere of White Energy) and in the sky of North America, the night of the 1st February 2003, the spaceship Shuttle was destroyed by another Field of Force (Sphere of White Energy), but all this did not avoid the war; on the contrary it was served another justification to Bush to move war to Saddam Hussein. I stopped her saying: "Do you refer to the uranium-gate?" she answered positively. "Some deviate members of the Italian civil secret services, in accordance with some deviate members of the English civil secret services, created the false uranium dossier. Those are the operative servants of Thirty-six Elders of Sion and those last depend to the Triumvirate".

Triumvirate… I never heard about it. "What is the Triumvirate?" I asked to Ripel. "They are three wise men that believe they can control the whole world. The 23rd of April 2000, the Triumvirate, had been contacted by an entity, which is born the 27th of February 6 B.C. and died the 7th of April of 30 a.D., that entity name was Jesus". I knew that the official date of born of Jesus was wrong, but spontaneously I calculated the time and I said: "So, Jesus died when he was 36 years old" and Ripel answered that: "We have to remind the mistake who Dionysius the Little did, counting the time, because he did not know the use of the year Zero. So, Jesus died the 29 a.D., at the age of 35".

I felt frost in silence and then I declared: "Therefore, Jesus died and rose again". Ripel explained me that Jesus did not exactly rose again, because he physically died on the cross, but his Fluidic Body (Soul) - keeping his Conscience (Spirit) - had been closed in a yellow oval Field of Force to be saved against the second and third death, Ripel ended saying that: "The Field of Force gave him the possibility, for forty days, to manipulate the human perceptions, giving him also, the possibility to be felt by human being as an human being himself, but after that he was relegated in a underworld, until the year 2000".

In that moment I understood the project of the Triumvirate: the three wise men come in contact with Jesus and them believe that the moment of Jesus second coming is arrived. Therefore, the Triumvirate informs the Thirty-six Elders of Sion that, with the help of the operatives, will try to realize the Apocalypse prophecies of Saint John. The operatives, to realize the project, use Usama Bin Laden (identified in the beast, which rise from the earth) and involve Saddam Hussein (identified in the beast, which rise from the sea) and to trap the scarlet dragon (identified in Satan). This is the only way to make the prophecies come true and the world being conquered.

The last pointing question was, how long has been taken to make the project to be realized. I asked that to the Dragon and he answered me saying that the project was supposed to be three years and a half long, from 2001 to 2005. He told me that according to the Triumvirate, the advent of Jesus would be occurred for the Easter of 2005 so, it was indispensable that Usama Bin Laden has to die and start a war against Saddam Hussein, before the arrival of Jesus. This is the only way, for the elected race - the jewish race - to rules the world.

Then, after a small pause, the Dragon said: "the night of 27th of February 2003 something happened… my perception was manipulated by a Thin Entity named Jesus and I understood what I had to do, with the help of the Celestial Alliance Arc, I took off the oval Field of Force from the Entity sending it to the Reign of the Dead (the Ninth Gate), in this way the Fluidic Body (Soul) was disintegrated (the second death), then the Entity Conscience (Spirit) walked the black Tunnel (the Second Gate) arriving to the Light who dissolves (the Eighth Gate) to be dissolved (the third death). After two days my perception was manipulated again by another Thin Entity, the one that humans use to call Satan, a Sumerian Entity that I eliminated with the help of the Celestial Alliance Arc".

I was completely frost in silence, after this revelation. In common sense, I could say that the Dragon has eliminated the good and evil, because He was over the good and evil. Then I asked: "And now what is going to happen?", and the answer was "Now it is our time, the New Gods".


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