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(Secret Code: 5-9-13)

The secret of number five
The secret of number five is connected to the image of the five-petal rose, the Mystic Rose, symbol of the female genitals. The Mystic Rose  – like the Cup of the Holy Grail –  embodies the mystery of the feminine principle that is represented by the goddess Venus, the goddess of Love.
The planet Venus every eight years traces a pentacle  – pentagram, five-pointed star –  on the zodiac and the ancients, watching this phenomenon, saw in it the symbol of the man, the man of Vitruvio (the man with outspread arms and legs wide apart).
For the ancients, the planet Venus was the morning star, star that has been associated with Lucifer, the "Light Bearer". Given that Venus rules over the zodiacal sign of the Taurus, they considered it as the mark of Lucifer. The symbol of this sign portrays the union between the Sun and the Moon, union that shows up with the generation of the son, that is Lucifer.
In Gnostic Christianity  – Sethians and Ophites –  the light-Christ is identified with the snake, like Lucifer is. Therefore, it's possible to state that the Christ of Gnostic Christians is the Antichrist of historical Christians.

The secret of number nine
The secret of number nine is connected to the image of the perfect man, Lucifer  – the light-Christ –  and on his forehead a gem is embedded, the Grail.
Nine is the secret number of the Great Beast 666 (6+6+6=18, which internal sum is 9) and represents perfection. Therefore the Great Beast 666 is the perfect man, Lucifer ("Light Bearer"), the light-Christ that is identified with the Sun. In fact, the seal of the Sun is a magic square in which some numbers appear inside some boxes, in such a placing that each line, vertical, transversal and diagonal, when added, gives the same amount. In the magic square the last number is 666.
With reference to the secret of number nine we notice that in Malachy's prophecies John Paul II is the last pope but one, described as "de laboris solis" (the work of the sun). This suggests us to consider the duration of his pontificate  – 16/10/1978-2/4/2005 –  that lasted 27 years (2+7=9) with a total of 9 thousand and 666 day (9+6+6+6=27, that is 9).

The secret of number thirteen
In Dan Brown's novel "The Da Vinci Code" is contained a secret that we can define as temporal, that is to say related to time elapsing.
Let's see what we find written at page 483 of the book. It's stated: «His Holiness will not dare to abolish the personal prelacy constituted by a former pontiff». Now, as declared at page 57 of the text, in 1982 the Opus Dei is raised to "personal prelacy of the Pope" by John Paul II. Therefore, it appears evident that the pope to which is referred to at page 483 is the current one, that is Benedict XVI. Yet the book has been published in 2003, when John Paul II was still in office. This unequivocally shows us that the events narrated in the book concern the future time.
At this point, this gives rise to a spontaneous question: at what time they refer to.
We find the answer written at page 178 of the book, where the current pope's politics is mentioned. It's stated: «he had looked at his first year of activity with a great apprehension».
Now, Ratzinger has been elected pope on 19th April 2005; passing a year we arrive at 19th April 2006. If we go back to page 483 of the text we learn that «days» and «some weeks» pass before the plan starts.
The mysterious conceiver of the plot – that is surely not Dan Brown – knew that the «days» and «some weeks» correspond to a month. In fact, exactly a month after the first year of Benedict XVI's office, that is 19th May 2006, the movie "The Da Vinci Code" will be released worldwide…exactly 13 months after the election of Benedict XVI.
At this point, we come into the crucial stage of the secret plan in its temporal passing. We must ask ourselves why 13 months after the election of Benedict XVI.
In order to answer this question we have to go back to an ancient prophecy of the Rose-Cross that says:

At the end of time...
Ascended on the Seat of Peter... de gloria divæ
13 months later... the revenge of the Templars

In this prophecy there's talk of the end of time, about a pope called "de gloria divæ" and of the revenge of the Templars.
Look out! In the prophecies of St. Malachy, all popes and their way of ruling are described, in a figurative and allusive way.
In Malachy's prophecies, Benedict XVI is the last pope, the 111th, and he's described as "de gloria olivæ"  – the glory of the olive –  but the graphologist interpreters who examined the original documents assert that it's possible to read "de gloria divæ"  – the glory of the goddess –  and this would be the most terrible prophecy concerning the Catholic Church.
The prophecy of Malachy concerns, evidently, the glory of the goddess that will occur during the pontificate of Benedict XVI. When? Exactly 13 months after his investiture, as maintained by the prophecy of the Rose-Cross. But why just 13 months later?
The number 13 is the number of the goddess, of the feminine principle. In esotericism, the lunar year is divided into 13 months of 28 days each, with a total of 364 days. In the gematria, 3+6+4 = 13. Furthermore, the number 13 corresponds to the major arcan of the tarot the Death Card, which symbolises transformation. And transformation, in alchemy, is the putrefactio – putrefaction – which represents both death and rebirth.
It appears evident that both Malachy and Rose-Cross's prophecies allude to the end of the Catholic Church and to the rebirth of the cult of the goddess, that is the return of paganism. The prophecy of Rose-Cross alludes, of course, also to the revenge of the Templars (they had been mass-arrested on Friday 13th October 1307). All will start on 19th May 2006 and will end in ... months and ... days. This is the time concealed in Dan Brown's book and I'm leaving the readers the task to discover it.

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