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The Orion Association presents Frank G. Ripel's books

The Magic Trilogy

  • Nagualism -  € 8,15 (96 pages) 
    Don Juan's secret teachings, the teacher of Carlos Castaneda

    The author of this book reveals the secret teachings of Nagualism as they have been transmitted to him by don Juan and by the death opponent - Carlos Castaneda's masters - that allowed him to undertake an extraordinary journey thru Pre-Columbian Culture's world and mysteries.
    Subject of the book is the organic and systematic reconsideration of the topics discussed by Carlos Castaneda, such as the perception's widening, the art of stalking, the practice of dreaming and the control of the intent. [...]

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  • The Esoteric Traditions [in preparation]
    Yezidism, Druidism, Taoism, Yoga, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Kabbala
  • The Primordial Traditions [in preparation]
    the Art of the Magic

The Sacred Trilogy

  • Ancient Gods [in preparation]
  • Books of Power [in preparation]
  • Magic Texts [in preparation]

The Divine Trilogy

  • The Advent of the Gods [in preparation]
  • The Time of the Gods [in preparation]
  • The Way of the Gods [in preparation]
  • Delomelanicon - The Book of Nine Doors [in preparation]
  • M.E.A.P.R.M.M. and O.C.I. [in preparation]
  • The Secret Book [in preparation]
  • Mecron [in preparation]
  • The Eight Esoteric Traditions - Special Edition [in preparation]
  • The Art of Magic - Special Edition [in preparation]


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