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The Confessions of the Antichrist
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The Antichrist

The Confessions of the Antichrist

I have marked the Time of Events.
Mine is the Revenge.
Mine is the Great Masterpiece.
Mine is the Testimony,
of whatever I Was,
I Am
and I Will.

The King of the World together with his two co-helpers constitute the Great Triad, the Synarchy. The King of the World, the Antichrist, is the Head of the Supreme Council formed by the Group of the Brothers of Light. They are the Brothers of Heliopolis (the Sun City), the Priests of God On, the Sons of the Sun.

The Antichrist talks

separatore alto

For all these years, I did nothing
but revealing the Absolute Science, the Magic.
But now, my Sons, Sons of the Revenge,
listen to what I have to tell you.

Some time ago, a New Order has been established,
a New Descent of Magicians.
We are the Psyonics.
We can use the power of our minds
to modify surrounding reality,
while deeply respecting the Laws of Nature.
We operate according to Justice, beyond men's rules.
We reject any expression of brutal violence committed by wild human beings.

We are the antibodies of the Earth,
in front of the devastating madness
of wild human beings.
We can kill just by using the power of our minds
and there is no men's law that can affect us,
as there is no rule that acknowledges om capacity.
And this, plays in our favour and actually is our strenghth.
We are beyond good and evil.

separatore-basso Glifo del Gran Dragone Scarlatto
The confessions
I recall the particularly tensed political situation in ltaly in december 1988, something was happening. On monday evening of december 12th, the Scarlet Woman and I, had witnessed the appearance of a Divine Sign. We were somewhere in Veneto and we saw a Sphere of green energy darting across the sky. The Ark of the heavenly Alliance (not to be confused with the earthly one), had cast an energy field. That was the sign announcing the fall of comunist ideology.
In july 1989, we paid a visit to Licio Gelli (former head of the dissolved P2 lodge). In one of his letters, he wrote: "the time when we met was short and circumstances didn't allow us to talk any longer, however, if You like, in the next future, whenever you'll have the chance to come to Tuscany, I shall be pleased to meet you".
He kindly welcomed us in his villa, a countryhouse in the green. Gelli led us into a huge hall and made us sit in two of the twelve armchairs arranged in a semi-circle, six of them on each side.
We started to talk and, at a certain moment, he said: "We have two enemies: the comunists and the Catholic Church".
"Especially the Jesuits", I specified.
Then I asked him the usual question: "When will these two ideologies come to an end?"
"We must be patient", he answered.
"Being young, maybe I am not that patient", I replied.
And a few months later, the Synarchy had overthrown comunism the whole world over. The cold war was over.
Nobody seemed to have realised how quickly the Soviet Union and its allied had faded away. Even the most pessimistic politilogists had thought that comunist would have lasted another hundred years, while in a few months, it had totally collapsed. Isn't that strange?
Since that december 12th 1988, ten years went by, and a new world disorder is ruling, so that a new world order shall arise. Soon, a New Dawn will rise and the world will change.
In the evening of january 6th 1997, another Divine Sign occured. A Sphere of green energy darted from East to West over the skies of Rome. The Ark of the heavenly Alliance had produced another energy field. That was the Sign announcing the fall of the fideist religious ideology, the Sign announcing the Great Return.
The beginning of the Great Return was marked by the Space Knight announcing the end of old times and the beginning of new ones.
The Space Knight is a comet, discovered by non-professionai astronomers in luly 23rd 1995, namely Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp. Its closest distance from the Earth was reached in march 22nd 1997.
Towards the end of 1996, astronomers of over the world, noticed a Body, named Companion, which had been following Hale-Bopp comet. On a second time, using their primitive instrurnents, they hadn't be longer able to spot Companion.
Companion is an energy field which collided with the Earth Aura, by the end of its transformation. Such energetic collision, took place in march 19th 1997 and the Aura's transformation had concluded in april 29th 1997.
The Retum of the Gods is marked by Time, however only few can interpret Divine Signs.
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