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The Weapon for the War of the Antichrist
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The Antichrist

The Weapon for the War

At the end of the Times
Everything occur more times
Changing again condition.

The Antichrist
In the immense island Lemuria was kept a Death Instrument, the Weapon for the War. Such Weapon is in a position to emit Light Rays able to penetrate the solid matter and to obtain an explosion. Later on, by the Lemuria disappearance, the Weapon for the War passed to Atlantis. Finally, a few before the Atlantis disappearance, the Instrument was hidden in that island (Long Island) that appear at the Continent (America).
During the evening of the july 17th 1996, the Death Instrument activated itself. The Weapon for the War emitted a bent Light Ray that hit a Jumbo 747 took off since a little time from the New York airport. The eye witnesses reported a Light Ray hit the airplane, causing an explosion. The finding of the black box proved that a few before the explosion, it was, in the inner of the airplane, a Sound with the length of a quarter of second.
Four month later the destruction of the Jumbo 747, we entered in contact with the Entity named Xarexhul. He reported as follows:
"The Earth is passing a period of transiction, in which the thin energetical equilibrium that rules it, has been proved by the devastation produced by the human being in the echosystem", and he continued. "The First Act of Force has been shown by sending an Energy expressed in Sound, which has penetrated the solid matter of an aeroplane, fragmenting it."
Then Xarexhul dictated us an extraterrest Communiqué, the following Message.
The extraterrest Communiqué was dictated (in the seventeen day of the month of november in the XCII Year - 1996 e.v., Sun in Scorpio) by the Entity Xarexhul that talked through the Clairvoyant Charis.
Extraterrest Communiqué
Stop, at your upper levels of your false technology, the plano. The leaders will understand. If they do not it, We will give prove of our Second Force Act. The Act will upset the whole Planet and the repercussion will fall above the many.
The Message is clear. Now, the responsability is in your hands. We shall not permit that the Planet should suffer a fast death due to madness of your experiments. Your scientists will understand that Mistery travel in the Sound.

The Antichrist talks

separatore alto

Now, my Sons, Sons of the Revenge,
listen to the Antichrist voice.
You realize that Nature
showing some unequivocal signes of fatigue
beacuse of the noxious presence of the profane savages.
The entire ecosystem is compromised,
the seasons are disrupted and the climate is altered.
The humanity is falling headlong towards the abyss of madness and destruction.

The Planet already began its Changing Work of Regeneration
that will cause the annihilation of the earthly race.

The Universal Judgment Day approaches.

separatore-basso Glifo del Gran Dragone Scarlatto
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