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What is the christianity

Renounce in yourself
to the “historical christianity”.
This is the first Act
towards the Freedom

The Antichrist
To fully understand the need to renounce to the “historical christianity”, we have to know the substantial difference that exist with the Gnostic Christianity (the Cult of the Knowledge of the Light) and its distorsion (Shadow), the “historical christianity” (the religion of the temporal power).
The Gnostic Christianity, in the first centuries of the christianity, was supplanted by “historical christianity”, the religion of the pope-king. It became, in the hands of the clergy, an instrument of diabolical power, in order to control the masses.
In the symbol of the cross, symbol of the death, was perpetrated the most atrocious crimes that the humanity knew. Through the Inquisition the clergy, between the Fifteenth Century and the Eighteenth Century, tortured and burned million of individual with the accusation of witchcraft. We can count in Europe at least five million victims. And can we tell about the genocide of the indios in the New World? Sixtynine million individual (equal to 90% of the population) was exterminated by conquistadores with the approval of the Church. What is the accusation? Diabolical adoration. When it’s all over it was told: «The main idol of this islands is the Devil: this is finished with the end of the Indian».
Pope Wojtyla, in one of his numerous travels, going to South America apologized for the massacre realized bv Catholic Church towards the indios. This assertion sounds rather hypocrital. Above all the present pope have not any fault for the crimes against the humanity that was perpetrated by his predecessors. Then apologizing don’t aid anything, don’t change the events. The only really honest gesture he could do, to repair, is finishing this institution.
The purpose of the big holocaust, caused by the Catholic Church, has its explanation in a simple fact: the clergy had a profound need to demonstrate the existence of the Evil, to embody it. So it was invented the myth of Satan (this was demonstrated in anthropological and historical field). Satan and his worshippers, enemies of God, would considerably reinforce the temporal power of the Church. Well then the formula was simple: the Mother Church, image of the good fighting the evil. Unfortunately till today this formula is active. All the groups of satanists that exist in the world do nothing but the clerical’s game, to perpetuate the eternal and false formula of the good opposed to the evil.
Now and in the future it must know: the Antichrist of the historical christians is the Christ of the Gnostic Christians. He is the One that is beyond the good and the evil. Just with this point of view the sublime Antichristian Thought can get going to inevitably reach the obvious conclusion: the Divinity is inherent in the man. Then: the man is God.
This conception can be understood only if the man trascends the vision of the opposites, placing himself beyond the good and the evil. Only if we get rid of the alleys of the dogmatic-religious slavery, torment of the soul, we have the possibility to develop all own potentials, since the man is a potential God. But to extract it, we have to renounce, in ourselves, any restriction that obstruct the free expression of our Will. Then the only acceptable Law is: «Do what you Want».

The Antichrist talks

separatore alto

Some philosophy of left say we have not to forget
the holocaust caused by Hitler, so that some errors don’t persist.

Actually I tell you: it’s necessary to retain historical memory,
but this memory in order to be really like this,
have not to stop in our century.
So, remember the big holocaust
caused by Catholic Church.
Remember the big genocide:
million of individuals atrociously tortured,
monstruosly massacred, burnt in the stake.
Remember the crimes of the Damned Inquisition,
evil instrument in the hands of the Church.

D O N’T    F O R G E T !

separatore-basso Glifo del Gran Dragone Scarlatto
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